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To your left, the one, the only Dave Hough (pictured with the 3rd Nanook) in his San Bernadino garage.

Dave Hough in partnership with Charlie Brent started wreaking havoc amongst the AA/FA ranks, when from North San Bernadino, bellowed forth "Nanook"!

Dave's original "Nanook" was a '29 A roadster with a blown Olds for power.
Soon a Chrysler was dropped in, courtesy of Charlie Brent and off they went. The Model A was a actual steel-bodied car,
and as such was a pretty heavy piece. It also was supposed to be a poor-handling car, and found its way into a guardrail to end its career.
Ed Moore, known for his "Mob" altereds, was partnered up with Hough on this Model A.
When Hough went to the next car, Moore built his own altered.
But that's on another page.

photo by Bob Thompson

Bob McClurg photo

The next version of Nanook is probably the most recognized of all the "Nanook" altereds. This is the famous "Green" car,or as it will be referred to in here, as Nanook 2.

photo by John Shanks

From the info I can get my hands on, the Nanook2 was originally intended for Charlie Brent,
but sometime in 1968, while Don Tuttle was whipping up the chassis,
Dave Hough became the owner,Charlie Brent became the engine guy.

The Green car was a Donovan engineering testbed. Dave would leave the car with Ed Donovan during the week, and pick it up for the races on the weekend.
During the week, Ed would do various things, and would send Dave out to test his theories.

Ed usually told Dave when he picked up the car, "Don't lift until you feel the splinters from the guardrail".

One of the most distinctive features, of the first incarnation of Nanook2,
was the cutback Hilborn scoop. If you have a copy of the Jackson Bros. video,
"Altereds Part 1", you can even see my intrepid photog,
Bob Thompson, lettering "Charlie Brent" on the scoop,
wearing his hippie hat (remember, it was 1968-9).

Charlie Brent and Ed Donovan checking the valves on Nanook, 1970

Mert Miller Photo

nanook in the pits

This is a rare shot of Nanook in the pits...the altered in the background is
Lee LeBaron's "Between Heaven and Hell",
which you can find on the West Coast Altereds pages...

Bob Plumer photo

photo by John Shanks

The new Tuttle chassis handled like a dream compared to the old Model A setup,
and Dave, Charlie and Ed set out on a tear!

This version of Nanook ran from late 1969 until late 1970


Here's a typical Southern California Altered show, from June 13, 1970,
at Orange County International Raceway.
This is the progam for that week, and the list of pre-entries.
At the time of the meet, Mike Sullivan and his Fiat held the Low ET at OCIR at 7.30
and Nanook held Top Speed at 210.66 mph.

Actual race results? We're still researching that.
We'll get back to you. I just wish I could have been there.

Getting ready to do the burnout-Orange County, 1970

Bob Thompson Photo

early burnout at OCIR

Early on, a burnout at OCIR.

Bob Thompson Photo

nanook bakersfield

What a coincidence! The photo above this was taken by Bob Thompson, in this photo we've CAPTURED Bob Thompson! The fella behind the engine with his back to the camera, is legendary pinstriping and lettering god, Bob "Big Bah" Thompson hisself!

If you remember all the little cartoons in Hot Rod's Shop Entry column from the mid 60's to the early 70's, those were Bob's creations. All the MOB cars were lettered by Bob. Heck, if you lived in California in the 70's you may have seen Bob on TV in the Miller's Outpost commercials as Homer (the cowboy with the moustache!)!

2002 Rod Hynes Collection

Dave Hough and Nanook at Irwindale Raceway, on a pass.

Photo © JM Racing Photos

Smokey burnout at the 'Dale.

Photo © JM Racing Photos

The Striped Car

Craig Cutler photo

The Green car, with a little paint, became the car most folks think of when they hear the name "Nanook".
Green and white striped, with a Hilborn bugcatcher on top of the Van Charger blower,
Dave made the rounds with this version.
Still basically the same as the solid green version, Dave ran this car from early 1971 until late 1972.

return road

Bob Thompson photos

By June of 1971, Dave had posted times of 7.21 at 212 miles per hour at Irwindale, OCIR,
and half a dozen other strips to make Nanook2 the world's fastest Altered!

Up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's NANOOK!

Steve Reyes Photo

nanook nosedive

But, what come up, must come down. Note, behind the right front wheel, the drag link for the steering hanging on the ground. This would mean that there was no way to steer the Nanook any longer. The odd thing about this, is that on this run, Dave turned a 200 mph trap speed.

With no steering.

Take that, Willie!

Steve Reyes Photo

nanook burkholder

2002 Rod Hynes Collection

The striped car hooking hard, but where, is a bit of a mystery...OCIR? Pomona? By the way, notice the Pisano Brothers Camaro in the background....

Tom West photo 1999

The striped car was featured in Drag Racing USA's September 1971 issue, billed as the "World's Fastest Altered" This is the opening two page spread for the article.

Striped Nanook FireBurnout

Steve Reyes Photo

Fire Burnout

The Nanook bunch did a LOT of fire burnouts...

Ms. Hough making sure that the engine has enough heat...

Bob Thompson Photo

Two shots of Nanook at speed, OCIR, 1971. Top photo, car looks pretty good.
Bottom photo, though, shows how inconsistent altereds could be from run to run.
You'll notice the left rear tire is almost completely off the ground...

Bob Thompson photos

nanook hynes

An eagle-eyed Steve Wilson spots Les Jackson, co-owner of the High Heaven AA/FA, on the right, chatting with Dave and Linda Hough.b>

2002 Rod Hynes Collection

Nanook in 1972, changed to an new paint scheme. As far as we can tell, the mechanicals and the personnel hadn't changed, though.

Flamed Nanook

photo by Bob Thompson

Flamed Nanook

photo by Bob Thompson

Although by this time, Dave Hough had pretty well figured out his combination, and had punched into the six second club, with a 6.99, and had pushed up the MPH to 212.54

Flamed Nanook

photographer unknown

Flamed Nanook

Bob Jones Photo

nanook top end

2002 Rod Hynes Collection

But 1972 was to be the end of the Tall car, and 1973 was to be the era of the low riders.

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